Decentralized advertising economy that pays the viewer

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The Problem

A $335B market that operates in a black box

Digital advertising suffers enormous mistrust & inefficiency among viewers, advertisers, publishers, and middlemen.

  • End users are blocking more and more ads [1]
  • Rampant bots eat 20% of ad spend [2]
  • Middlemen pocket up to 60% of ad revenue [3]
  • Middlemen & advertisers monopolize governance

The TXT Economy puts the power back in the hands of the user. We propose a new model for distributing the value of online activity while incentivizing all parties to maintain network health.

  • Tokenizing advertising value of digital activities, across all devices and browsers.
    TXT rewards users for viewing and engaging with ads, which can turn back the tide of ad-blockers.

  • Replacing middlemen with a decentralized system of contributors.
    This provides trustworthy view/engagement verification for advertisers, a fairer distribution of revenues, and an open governance for which ads/publishers will be accepted.

  • Upholding the value of user authenticity.
    We fend off bots by having a minimum identify proof threshold for mining. Users with higher authenticity value will earn more tokens over time.

TXT Economy Overview


The viewer earns tokens from viewing ads on our network simply by installing a browser plugin or mobile app. Views are validated by miners. The viewer can also tip a website/app to indicate a vote of quality.


Advertisers enjoy a lower cost of inventory on the TXT Network by using crowd-validated impressions. Advertisers may also use fiat currency to purchase, but at a higher price.


Publishers earn more from crowd-validated impressions, which cuts unncessary middlemen. Publishers can also earn tokens directly from viewer tips.

Core Technology

DPoS Event Validation Powered by EOS

The TXT Network enforces distributed validation for event tracking such as ad impressions or clicks to ensure trustworthy tracking data for publishers and advertisers.

  • Each event is sent to multiple third-party validator nodes . These nodes must agree on the event list before the events are added to the blockchain.
  • We use WebSockets to form networks of validator nodes. This allows any ad viewer to connect easily to a decentralized validator.
  • Validator nodes keep persistent connections and use machine-learning-based algorithms to reject fraudulent events.
  • Stored event data is encrypted such that only the publisher and the authorized party may view it.

Community Fraud Prevention

To combat fraud, the TXT community must be incentivized to maintain the quality of both publishers and viewers.

  • Publisher Registry & Rating System with staking and challenges to maintain integrity. Higher rated publishers earn more tokens.
  • KYC to activate ad viewers as participants in the network and filter out bots. Stronger KYC validation offers a higher share of tokens rewarded.
  • In-browser engagement metrics to filter out fake traffic.

Wide-Ranging Applications

We are a product-focused team. Building compelling applications with solid tech is our guiding principle.

AdBlock That Pays You

Earn tokens for what you already do online, on both phones and desktops.

Browser Plugin & Mobile Application
  • Blocks ads that are not part of the TXT Network, while showing TXT ads.
  • Calculates engagement with TXT ads and rewards the user with tokens.
  • Tip function for websites & publishers.

For Publishers: Regain Revenue From Ad-Blockers

Publishers can start earning with full transparency. Impression and click events are validated and recorded on the blockchain, so publishers and advertisers can trust the numbers are correct.

  • Regain Lost Revenue — By incentivizing users of the TXT Ad Block, publishers can earn revenue that would otherwise be lost.
  • JavaScript SDK — Publisher installs SDK to load ads from the TXT network.
  • Publisher Dashboard — A web UI for registration and tracking earnings.

Early Adopters: Brands & Publishers

We're thrilled to announce that several Fortune 100 brands have already signed up to be a part of our beta platform. We're partnering with Traction Labs to deliver TXT technology to top advertising purchasers. We're also partnering with Strikingly, one of the world's largest website publishing platforms, to natively integrate the TXT Network for publishers.

Token Distribution

Total Supply —
Token Sale
Team & Advisors

Funds Usage

60% Engineering & Development

25% Marketing & Partnerships

15% Operations & Overhead

TXT Tokens are not being offered or distributed to U.S. persons (as defined below) or Chinese persons (as defined below). If you are a citizen of, a resident of, or a person located or domiciled in, the United States of America including its states, territories or the District of Columbia or any entity, including, without limitation, any corporation or partnership created or organized in or under the laws of the United States of America, any state or territory thereof or the District of Columbia (a “U.S. person”), or, if you are a citizen of, a resident of, or a person located or domiciled in, or any entity, including, without limitation, any corporation or partnership created or organized in or under the laws of the People’s Republic of China (a “Chinese person”), do not purchase or attempt to purchase TXT Tokens.


Phase I

  • 2018 Q1 — TXT Foundation founded
  • 2018 Q1 — Institution-only private token sale as ERC20 token on Ethereum
  • 2018 Q2 — First prototype for TXT reward mechanism based on EOS testnet

Phase II

  • 2018 Q3 — Integrate user identification verification
  • 2018 Q4 — Alpha launch of Chrome Browser Extension Ledger/Wallet/Profile Management on testnet

Phase III

  • 2019 Q1 — TXT Network demand side partnership program launched
  • 2019 Q2 — Alpha launch partnership with Strikingly publishers

Phase IV

  • 2019 Q3 — TXT Network supply side partnership program launched
  • 2019 Q4 — Official launch of TXT Network